Performance Improvement Methodology/Tips

“Result and Analytics” Sections of the EBEEPS enable students to identify their weak areas of preparations.

Proper Guidance & Foucs

Now they require proper guidance and maximum practice in the shape of tests and re-tests in these areas to improve upon for better performance. Focused guidance is provided by our highly qualified and experienced teachers/subject specialists in Special Sessions organized for this purpose based on analytical based identification of such areas in which most of the students are weak. For practice purpose, EBEEPS has prepared special papers for each category of “Cognitive Domains” and “Content Categories” from each chapters and placed them in the box of “Extra Papers” from where students can select and practice any number of such papers to improve their preparation level in their identified weak areas. For improvement of preparation level of “Entry Tests” exams, game based learning program has been introduced where in, students can play individual games and centrally organized tournaments all leading to enhance their learning and preparation level for their upcoming entry tests for admissions in professional institutions.