Detail Report on Cognitive Domain

Detail reports about various cognitive domains will be obtained on just click.

Summary Reports

  • In the summary section, we provide the summary of marks percentage achieved by the students from papers of a particular book based on complete book and from a particular chapter. The summary can further be viewed in detail by clicking on “View” button in the last column. Below is the screen shot from the analytics page of one of the students.


  • As per this report, in papers attempted so far in Biology Paper, this student has achieved 93% marks in questions based on knowledge, 86 % percent marks in understanding and 83 % marks in application cognitive domains. Now by clicking on “View” button in the last column of each cognitive domain, we get the details of total/obtained marks in various types of questions asked/attempted in these papers along with total number of questions asked in each category.


  • Here we can see that overall percentage in understanding based question is 86%, but the detail analysis shows that, this student is week in long questions as for as understanding based questions are concerned as he has obtained 80% marks in long questions as compared to short question in which he has obtained 97%.

Application Ability

  • This box shows that this student is much weaker in long questions based on application ability in which he has just obtained 75% marks.
  • The above given analysis is from complete book. Students can also see same analysis based on each chapter to actually know that in which chapter he is weak and in which type of questions in each category of cognitive domain.