Paper Results

This section provides an in depth information to the readers about the way EBEEPS guide its students through provision of paper results attempted by them. The results are provided with a view to make them realize about their performance in each question along with mistakes committed and way forward to overcome these mistakes for improvement of their performance. EBEEPS provide comprehensive guidance to the students about the quality of their paper in the shape of marks achieved, mistakes committed if any, and the guidance for improvement. Students are also thoroughly guided about their paper presentation and quality of their handwriting along with tips for improvements in both.

Guidelines for students on each question

  • The purpose of the questions; that, which Cognitive Domains was aimed to be checked through each question.
  • The students’ performance level including obtained marks in that question.
  • Mistakes committed in the question and guidelines for the students to improve their performance.
  • In the end, students are also provided guidance about their paper presentation and handwriting, highlighting mistakes committed in both along with tips for improvement, (shown in the yellow shade).
  • e. Below are the snaps of the result sheets provided by EBBEPS. Different shades of the result box moving from green to red through blue show from “Outstanding” to “Very Poor” performance shown by the student in various questions of the paper