This section is designed to provide information to the students on various aspects with a view to facilitate them in their focused learning and maximization of exam preparations.

Guidelines for students on each question

    a. How to Create Account b. Who all can join c. Learning Pathways 1) Regular Classes 2) Paper Discussions 3) Extra Papers 4) Sample Papers 5) Assignments 6) Learning Methods 7) Online regular classes 8) Learning through games 9) Scheduled Papers 10) Different Board Policies
  • How to Create Account
  • Who all can join
  • Mistakes committed in the question and guidelines for the students to improve their performance.
  • Learning Pathways
    • Regular Classes
    • Paper Discussions
    • Extra Papers
    • Sample Papers
    • Assignments
    • Learning Methods
    • Online regular classes
    • Learning through games
    • Scheduled Papers
    • Different Board Policies