Education Streams

  • "Education Purpose" The worldly accepted core and basic purpose of education is to bring people to as full a realization as possible of what it is to be a “Human Being”. Presently, almost all main stream systems of education are endeavoring at their full capacity to achieve this true purpose of education by using various viable strategies, tactics, tools and techniques. Beside others, the examination system being used by various education systems are the most essential tool used to gauge students’ ultimate realization of the stated purpose. The students of these education systems also prepare themselves accordingly to display their knowledge, understanding and application ability acquired during the learning and exam preparation process. At present, when the universe has turned into a global village, only the fittest person with respect to his/her learning achievements displayed in terms of exam results can enter and survive due to stiff competitions in every field of profession life.
  • "Learning Outcomes" Most of the students, though work very hard in their learning and exam preparation process, yet remain much below in standard of results achievements during their board or competitive exams. The main reason of this is the wrong exam preparation strategy, approach and techniques used by students being ignorant to the exam methodology adopted by various examination boards and other evaluation authorities.
  • "Cognitive Domains" At present, almost all examination boards of Pakistan, prepare their papers in such way that each question has a specific purpose of students’ evaluation to gauge various “Cognitive Domains” of their learning. These Cognitive Domains may include but not limited to their knowledge, understanding, application ability or alike. The federal board at present have openly declared to include about 20 %, 50 % and 30 % questions to gauge the Cognitive Domains of knowledge, understanding and application ability respectively which may change from time to time. However, the remaining boards also follow alike policies about the percentage of questions for various Cognitive Domains. But most of the students are unaware about such combination of questions based on Cognitive Domains in the board exams. Even if aware, they don’t prepare themselves accordingly. Most of them know each and every thing written in their books but still are unable to fetch good marks in the exam. That’s due to the reason that neither they themselves prepare, nor are asked by most of the academies to prepare on these lines in true letter and spirit.